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    Hey guys,

    So I have 2 questions about Piwik integration, to better understand how to implement it.

    1. The tracking code that’s generated by OroCRM is based on Piwik code, if we already have Piwik tracking code on our website, should we have both tracking codes or replace original code with new OroCRM tracking code? I want to make sure Piwik keeps tracking our data. You might want to include a note about this either in the documentation or on that page to clarify this. Just a suggestion.

    2. If we track sub-domains using one website property in Piwik, how should we treat it in OroCRM?

    3. We have a few custom lines in our tracking code for tracking purposes, since we track several sub-domains, will they work with OroCRM tracking code? Here’s an example of our current tracking code:

    As you can see, custom items are:

    Document title changes per sub-domain, so we can see it better… so WWW changes to SUB1, SUB2, etc.

    Looking forward to your answers. Thanks!

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    Hi, Viktor.

    You may use same tracking code for tracking events with Piwik and OroCRM.
    I’ll suggest you to get tracking code generated by OroCRM and add your custom properties to it.

    To enable tracking data proxying to Piwik next steps are required
    In OroCRM change tracking Website and set Identifier value same as Piwik website id.
    Then go to System->Configuration->Tracking and enable passing tracking data to Piwik (set your piwik host http://analytics.website.net/ and Piwik Token Auth

    In case when Piwik host is set all tracking information will be passed to Piwik instance. Piwik Token auth is make API calls and pass real client IP to piwik.

    If you want to process some additional information from you tracking and then use it in reports you may do this with next steps:
    – add new field to TrackingEvent entity
    – add process that will handle creation of tracking event and update this field by tracking data

    Tracking data stores all tracking information as JSON

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