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    Hi, everyone:

    I’m trying to get my head around the email function of OROCRM.

    I know that each user can setup to receive/send email through MY Email of OROCRM, however most of our uses use Outlook and have multiple folders within Outlook. Getting them out of Outlook and into OROCRM for all email isn’t going to happen.

    The problem I have is if I send an email to a Customer, through OROCRM, it sends fine, and is in the customer/lead/opportunity screen. However if the customer replies it goes to their personal company (Outlook) Inbox.

    I guess I’m looking more for a “help-desk” functionality which I’m used to. An email is sent from OROCRM, from a generic email address (CRM@business.com). If the customer replies, OROCRM is the only place it is received. It updates the customer/lead/opportunity then notifies the sales person that their customer/lead/opportunity has replied.
    I have this current functionality with a help-desk solution that we are using.

    Or if anyone else has input on this, I’m up for suggestions.


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