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    It’s the first time I’ve created a topic here)
    OroCRM is a great tool, and its csv import feature is really helpful!

    But after importing a huge list of accounts and corresponding contacts there is an issue while crating an opportunity.
    An opportunity form has an obligatory field “Account”. When I select an account, a contact dropdown menu still contains ALL contacts that exist in the system, not only of the selected account.

    So, the question is whether this is an expected behavior or it’s a sort of an issue?

    If it’s a normal system behavior is there a way to show only selected account contacts in this dropdown menu?

    It’s really frustrating when you need to search through hundreds of contacts while creating a new opportunity.

    Thank you!

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    Yes it is expected behavior.Opportunity can be saved with fields Account and Contact that does not related with each other.

    Unfortunately for now there is no other way to show only selected account contacts, except “fast search” (name, email, phone) and “show grid” button


    Thank you @vseniuk for the reply!
    This functionality would be a great improvement of opportunity form.
    Hope it will be considered and implemented in the nearest future! :)

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