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    Hello, I am a new developer orocrm, I am trying to develop a CRM for the company in which I work, we decided to develop our CRM starting with OROCRM, the problem is that I do not know what choice to take what I’m left with several projects in Github https://github.com/orocrm/
    I would like to understand the difference between these projects:

    • crm-application
    • platform-application
    • crm
    • platform

    I need to make the best choice, especially which project will i start from, OROCRM or OroPlatform?

    Also I have another problem is that I want to import data from another application by logging on to a REST API and save them in entities that I will create in OROCRM Database,i ask if there is a tutorial or example to follow, especially I will have created a script that synchronizes the import,

    thank you

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    just my experiences!

    1. “CRM” is based on platform and has some bundles (entities, relations and controller) which are CRM specific. For example: leads, opportunities

    2. “Platform” has bundles which are used for building a advanced back-office system based on entities. For example: You find a workflow manager, calendar, import/export system

    3. The applications are “ready to go” symfony applications that “require”/implement one or both of the two packages/bundles above.

    We started with OroCRM some weeks ago in our company. First we tested the CRM, but now we use the Platform only. Because it was more work to reorganize relations for me, than to write my own entities with new relations. Now we copy as many things as we can from the CRM to our application and use the platform as our base.

    But this is our very individual point of view and perhaps we will change this in future.

    Best regards


    Hi @sakhrimedamine,

    Some of your questions have been answered greatly by @cardiac, referring to the questions you’ve had with the difference of projects.

    I would like to point you into the right direction as far as it goes with the REST API, you could use the OroCRMZendeskBundle as a tutorial for your importing. This bundle will feature a connector with a REST API. I hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,

    Jaimy Casteleijn

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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