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    I’m creating some custom workflow for my instance of OroCRM through yaml files. I’ve encountered some issues when i’ve worked on steps that add Call or Calendar_event and so on. I’ve a lot of steps that require to create a Calendar_event or a Call, i’ve no problem creating them, nor link them with activity list.

    My problem is that i need to do a lot of conditionnal checks because the workflow processor keeps my data (pretty much don’t know why…). For example i’ve a step called “make_first_appointment” and another one “make_new_first_appointment” those two steps create a Calendar_event and a optional address (a link to oro_address). I precise that i can loop on the “make_new_first_appointment” and i can come back to any of those two steps.

    When i add an address doing the “make_first_appointment” step and then click on the “make_new_first_appointment” step, the processor keeps my datas for the previous event and for the address. The problem is that without checking, either the event is created with the previous event’s address, or the processor throw an error due to the SymfonyValidator “not blank” condition.

    Is there a way to “reset” the form data between steps, without using a data_handler/data_provider/… (perhaps just make a service)

    Tell me if you need more informations


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    Hello, Steve.
    Please provide your workflow configuration.

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