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    Manuel Capinha

    Hi All,

    We’re using OroCRM 2.2.2 CE, running on Ubuntu 14.04, Nginx 1.12.0 and PHP 7.1.6, connected to a MySQL 5.7 DB.

    We did an initial customisation of some core Entities such as Opportunity and Account, to suit our comercial dept. We’ve now deployed to production and we’re being asked some changes to these.

    Now, everything we’ve done so far (at the entity customisation level) was done through the UI (which I’ve found great!). But having deployed to production this means that we can’t be trying out new developments there and have to stick to our development environment. And this brings us another problem, that is re-doing the new customisations by hand, in prod, when we’re done.
    This is not practical and is very error prone.

    So, I’m now thinking that it would have been better to make the customisations by creating new bundles and extending the needed classes. This would be much easier to deploy.

    Question 1) Are we missing something here to sincronize changes done in dev, through the UI, into prod ?

    Question 2) If we now reproduced these extensions through a new bundle, will the system be OK with this ? I mean, having added a certain field throught the UI, can I just extend the original Entity and add that same field through a php class ?

    Kind regards,

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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