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    Hi there,
    I’ve installed two versions of OroCRM for clients today, both following exactly the same process and both with Oro Bridge and and both integrations setup.

    However, one of them show the following message on the integration screen whilst the other doesn’t. I honestly can’t see any difference between the two installations and configuration of the Integration. Both have Oro Bridge on the Magento install.

    “Native Magento API is used; only customers and orders will be synced”

    I found one post in this forum showing the same issue but there isn’t really an answer. Final comment is “Access Denied” but not reference to what that means.

    When I click “Check Connection” the connection that is working correctly says “Connection was successful. You are running OroBridge version 1.2.0. Please select a website from the list below”

    When I click “Check Connection on site not working correctly, just says “Connection successful, please select a website from the list below”

    It would appear that Oro is not seeing the Oro Bridge?

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    Same problem here. I tried on my staging server, everything works out perfect. While I tried to re-configure it for my production server, it says

    Native Magento API is used; only customers and orders will be synced

    The only difference between the two servers that I can tell is my production server is on HTTPS while the staging server doesn’t.

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