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    we’ve discovered a possible bug within the creation of a new Opportunity.

    How to reproduce:
    1) Create new Opportunity from scratch.
    2) On Account click hamburger bar, choose Business Customer as Entity Type from top left menu
    3) Select Any of the B2B customers
    4) Dialog closes

    Also, when on a B2B Customers page, by clicking the ‘new opportunity’ button in the more actions menu, same thing happens but freezes immediately on the edit page.

    what happens:
    Field stays empty (no name displayed). anyway, after saving, the b2b customer is successfully set in the view page.

    But: When you re-edit the opportunity, the edit page stays in loading state and can’t be edited.

    Developer tools show the following error (js related):

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘type’ of null
    at eval (eval at b.template (oro.min.js?version=7f1d6e33:1486), <anonymous>:8:10)
    at a (oro.min.js?version=7f1d6e33:1486)
    at Object.formatSelection (oro.min.js?version=7f1d6e33:1520)
    at n.e.updateSelection (oro.min.js?version=7f1d6e33:1505)
    at oro.min.js?version=7f1d6e33:1505
    at n (oro.min.js?version=7f1d6e33:1520)
    at Object.success (oro.min.js?version=7f1d6e33:1520)
    at c (oro.min.js?version=7f1d6e33:1484)
    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (oro.min.js?version=7f1d6e33:1484)
    at n (oro.min.js?version=7f1d6e33:1485)

    which relates to the follwing part of code (this was cut down, to identify the portion of the script)

    Neither Dev nor production log throw any errors, so i think it relates to a gui bug?

    Is this Issue known or is there a workaround already?

    Kindly Regards

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    Okay, quite easy fix. The Problem happens, when no Icon is choosen for the B2B Customer Entity within the Channel definition. When this is null, the Select Box thwows the error above.

    Adding a Icon resolves this issues, and the entity can be used.

    Maybe this should be fixed though because it’s not easy to track down.

    Kindly Regards


    Hi, @Martin.

    Thank you for reporting the issue! I was able to reproduce the issue. We will fix it in next release.

    We greatly appreciate all contributions to Oro projects.




    i’ll then mark this topic as closed.

    Kindly regards

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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