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    I’ve read all threads regarding to clank:server bind problems.

    On my machine an http-proxy is running at port 8080(clank:server’s default port).

    So, I’ve switched to port 808x (in parameters.yml) and restarted apache + manually started php app/console clank:server

    With Flag "--env prod" it didn’t changed the port and i got the same error as before. [React\Socket\ConnectionException]
    Could not bind to tcp://xxx.x.x.x:8080: Address already in use

    With Flag "--env dev" it changed the port but hangs on Starting Clank
    Launching Ratchet WS Server on: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:808x

    (tried several ports) since an hour or two…

    I did nmap -sT -P 808x "IP" to be safe that nothing is at that port(s).
    Is there any other config where I must change settings?

    thanks in advance daniel

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