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    Hi guys,

    After a successful deployment with capifony, I had a hard time using the web installer because somehow in ubuntu 14.04 with php 5.5, PhpExecuteFinder.php never found my php path, I’ve read some issues about that.
    So I picked the console method, everything goes great except the final step.
    when I got to this step
    $output->writeln(‘Running code optimizer’);

    The server starts working but it times out around 2 minutes later

    I see we’re using nodejs in OroBuildCommand.php,
    $command = $config[‘js_engine’] . ‘ ‘ .
    self::OPTIMIZER_FILE_PATH . ‘ -o ‘ . basename($buildConfigFilePath) . ‘ 1>&2’;

    But I’m not sure how to configure nodejs with require to wait more time.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, this is the last piece of the puzzle.
    I’m running an ubuntu 14.04 image on AmazonEc2


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    Dima Soroka
    Dima Soroka

    Please check a max_execution_time value, by default it should be 0 for CLI and should allow to complete command execution, but maybe it is different in your case.

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