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    We are having a strange issue when exporting a very simple custom report. Records are being duplicated when there are over 200 records in the resultset.

    For a very simple report with just the Order Number and the Create Date the grid view online shows the correct data (in this case 262 records). When I export that view to CSV the CSV also contains 262 records but 62 of those records are duplicates. (Note the same happens with Export to XLSX).

    Looking at the SQL generated via the debug the query couldn’t be simpler. (Included below if helps).

    There is an old issue here https://oroinc.com/orocrm/forums/topic/reports-generating-csv-with-duplicated-data which is similar but (a) has been resolved and (b) I am not including address fields in the report and there are no joins so it is different.

    Any thoughts on where to start on this or if you have have come across this previously appreciated.



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    spyout98, to check if processing exported data in multiple batches is the source of the problem, modify the following string in vendor/oro/platform/src/Oro/Bundle/ImportExportBundle/Resources/config/services.yml

    Set a value larger then the number of records you are trying to export, clear cache, check export, and report back here if it helped or not.


    Hi spyout,

    Like I mentioned in my post, changing the 5000 to more quantity fixes the issue. You can override that particular file and do it. For now I just changed it in the vendor file which is a bad practice though.

    Clear your cache completely once you do this and test, mentioned above how to as well.



    Thanks for feedback, oro_newbie and Michael! I will try this here and gives feedback here in post.

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    Hey guys! Just for notice, it worked here! I changed the “oro_importexport.export.size_of_batch” value and it works. Thanks!

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