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    After Upgrading to OROCRM 2.4.2, e-mail attachments are not send, please see detailed description below.

    1. Application related information:

    Application Type: OroCRM
    Application Version: 2.4.2 (Platform also on 2.4.2)
    Application Edition: Community

    2. Environment related information:

    OS, name and version: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
    Web server, name and version: Apache/2.4.18
    Database, name and version: MariaDB 10.0.29
    PHP, version: PHP 7.0.15

    3. Steps to reproduce:

    1) Open e-mail dialog from anywhere withing orocrm
    2) Add recipient, Subject and Body (does not matter if text or html)
    3) Add attachment via ‘Upload’ -> Attachment with filename is shown below
    4) click send

    Expected result:

    1) E-mail is delivered with attachment to recipients mailbox ans should also come up within ‘my emails’

    Actual result:

    1) E-Mail Text is delivered, attachment is missing (both in CRM View ‘my emails’ as well as in recipient mailbox.

    When adding a file via ‘add attachment’ to any entity in prior, the attachment can be added and send via mail and is delivered. So this seems to be a problem with the upload process inside the e-mail edit window.

    Log-File also shows following errors since the last update:

    Last thing, also e-mail related:
    When a users e-mail folder is imported, messages sent externally (user->customer) are imported via imap correctly. Nevertheless all e-mail Content (original is html) is escaped in orocrm views which makes the messages unreadable.

    When the messages are sent via oro directly (orouser -> customer), html content is recognized the right way and displayed formatted. Also external e-mails (customer-> orouser) get imported correctly and display as html content. Maybe this is related to the main issue too?

    Best Regards

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    Martin, thank you for the detailed description.

    We need some time to check all of your described cases, but we’ll certainly inform you about the results in this thread.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,



    I am also having the same issue on oro/crm 2.4.2 OSL-3.0

    I compose an email and add an attachment.

    The recipient recieves only an email (without an attachment).

    I can’t find any correlated issues in Logs.

    Any updates on this?

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