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    My IMAP configuration is not importing emails from my system mailboxes. Here’s what I know:

    I’m running OroCRM 2.3.8 on PHP 7.0.22-0ubuntu0.16.04.1

    When I click “Check Connection/Retrieve Folders” in the System Mailbox config, it connects successfully and shows the correct folders.

    The System > Jobs page shows the “oro:cron:run_command:oro:cron:email-body-sync” running successfully to 100% every 30 minutes.

    Every minute, I see the following in the log file:

    Notice the REJECT result on line 4: that’s the “imap-sync” jobs that is being rejected.

    When I run “oro:cron:imap-sync” and “oro:cron:email-body-sync” by hand, they work and new emails are imported.

    Where can I go from here?

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    Upgrading to 2.4.2 does not appear to have solved the problem.

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