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    I’ve recently upgraded an Oro CRM install from 2.4.1 to 3.1.14. Running oro:platform:upgrade worked and that process completed, but trying to clear/warmup the cache afterwards generates this error each time, even after manually deleting the var/cache:

    // Clearing the cache for the prod environment with debug false

    In AbstractManagerRegistry.php line 166:
    Class Oro\Bundle\MailChimpBundle\Entity\Campaign does not exist

    cache:clear [–no-warmup] [–no-optional-warmers] [-h|–help] [-q|–quiet] [-v|vv|vvv|–verbose] [-V|–version] [–ansi] [–no-ansi] [-n|–no-interaction] [-e|–env ENV] [–no-debug] [–disabled-listeners DISABLED-LISTENERS] [–current-user CURRENT-USER] [–current-organization CURRENT-ORGANIZATION] [–] <command>

    Also, when attempting to access the web frontend, I get this error; probably a result of the incomplete cache warmup, but included just in case:

    Uncaught PHP Exception Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\UndefinedMethodException: “Attempted to call an undefined method named “getGuestRole” of class “Oro\Bundle\WebsiteBundle\Entity\Website”.” at /data/websites/upgrading/oro31.local/vendor/oro/customer-portal/src/Oro/Bundle/CustomerBundle/Security/Firewall/AnonymousCustomerUserAuthenticationListener.php line 137

    The only item that turns up in searching for MailChimpBundle in the Oro directory is a migration removing it. Is there any way to get some insight into why it might be looking for it, or how to successfully get the cache warmed up and functional?

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    Thank you for your help so far. I have found part of the issue. This form, customerAddress, is being added as non-compound:


    For some reason, my install wants to add a “email” field to customerAddress as a child field. I can set the customerAddress field as compound in that file, but now when I save the form it complains “This value is not valid” for the address book style field on the order form, so it’s not a full fix. Tracing it further, this is the line that is trying to add the email field to customerAddress:


    This seems to get a collection of dynamic fields and adds them to forms. Could you point me to where these dynamic fields are added? If it’s sourcing from the database, is there some front-end option that may have carried over an incompatible field from the 2.4.1 install?



    This happened due to setting the form as compound; it was expecting an array, and got a string. So the root problem ends up being simply that there is a dynamic field being added where it should not be, to customerAddress. Is there any way to edit those fields?

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