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    Nick Wilging

    Alright, let me get a few things out of the way that have been frustrating me for two days before I get into the meat of the issue.

    1. I’m not sure whose idea it was to structure your site and your github repo the way it is, but there is NO place for contacting any devs, no place to open issues, nothing. Very annoying.

    2. This forum is difficult to use at best, I had to create an entirely new account just to post here. Further adding to my frustration.

    3. There is little to no documentation on issues and their resolutions. I have found only a couple topics pertaining to my issue and the only responses are along the lines of “please use the proper format for submitting a thread”. How about instead of being a d*ck you just answer the man’s question? Hoping I can get some real help here.

    Platform Information

    Operating System: CentOS 7 64 Bit (BRAND NEW install too, I had to go and spin up ANOTHER NEW VM just for this application and it STILL isn’t installing)
    Database: MySQL (mariadb) current version
    Web Server: Apache

    That should be all the info you need. This is an issue on YOUR SIDE, not on MY SIDE, seeing as I have attempted an install on one of my current web servers and when that didn’t work I created a NEW VM just for this application. I need to stress how unnecessary that is.

    The Issue

    I get through all of the installation steps including the DB schema and population, and on the final step the installation fails on “Load Translations”. It fails every time. It failed every time on the old VM. It failed every time on the new VM. I have followed your instructions to a tee. I then decide to go the CLI route and execute “php app/console oro:install –env=prod”, but of course that fails too (wouldn’t be an OroCRM install without incessant failures!). Error message is
    No result was found for query although at least one row was expected.”
    and nothing more.

    I swear if my client didn’t really want this CRM I would have ditched it a while ago. Horrible documentation, it seems like your support is sub-par at best, so I’m more inclined to convince them to go with something far more usable if I can’t get some answers here.

    Please just give me something that will f*cking install. Thanks.

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    Hi, Nick.

    Could it be possible, that you have some problems with internet connection during the installation process on your host?

    Anyway, please, try to do the following:

    1) Set memory_limit for PHP CLI to -1
    2) Recreate DB from scratch
    3) Run following installation command

    And let me know the results.

    Also, please, provide the version of your application – according to OroCRM Release Schedule we have four different supported version OroCRM at the moment.

    Thank you.


    Nick Wilging

    I am running 2.4.2.

    Just ran the command you specified. My installation allows me to sign in but only displays an “installed packages” page. I clicked to update one package, waited 15 minutes then refreshed the page. Now it says “down for maintenance”.


    Nick Wilging

    HA I just read up on Oro and it seems that the MAGENTO team had a hand in this?? No wonder it’s impossible to f*cking use.

    Nevermind, I am switching to SuiteCRM now.

    Dima Soroka
    Dima Soroka

    Hi Nick

    We would like to be productive in this discussion and if you are looking for a quick setup – feel free to use a VM with latest version of our application available on download page. In case you prefer to configure your own environment, we are here to help you in case you experience issues.



    Hi, Nick.

    You wrote:
    “My installation allows me to sign in but only displays an “installed packages” page.”

    It seems that you’ve successfully installed Oro application. At this moment you can go to your site root URL (like, and you would probably see the OroCRM UI.

    However, it looks like you just refreshed installation sub-application URL (like In this case, you indeed should see the package manager that allows you to manage the installed packages (as the OroCRM app is already installed).

    So, I would recommend you just to go to the root URL and check whether the OroCRM UI works.

    Also, as Dima Soroka said, there are alternative ways to get OroCRM installed quickly if you don’t need your own custom development environment. Besides the VM image officially provided by Oro, there are additional ways provided by the community – you can find them in this newly created topic.

    Thank you for your comments. We continuously strive to do the Oro application development process more smooth, and if you have any proposals (or just a vision) regarding how to organize the information on the Oro sites for more convenience usage – we would be glad to hear them.

    Sincerely, Oro Community Support Team.


    Is it possible that you clone the master branch ? Dont do it and clone a specific branch like 2.4 nowaday.

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