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    We have an issue with email sync:

    – Email-body-sync is getting stuck after connecting an IMAP account – even after reinstalling.
    – In the job list, it’s stuck at 0% and marked as running.
    – Job details are inconsistent (see screenshot – tagged as running AND as success).
    – All other jobs are running properly.
    – Logfile says: [2017-08-04 12:00:11] console.ERROR: An error occurred while running command “‘oro:cron:email-body-sync'”. The EntityManager is closed. {“exit_code”:0,”arguments”:{“command”:”oro:cron:email-body-sync”}} []
    – Email-import works fine (including attachments and email-body)


    1. What does this job actually do?

    2. Why is the job not running correctly?

    We’re using the latest version of OroCRM.

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    Hi, takki.

    Am I right that you use 2.3 version? How I can reproduce this behavior?
    Can I try it with some gmail account or I should use some other email provider?



    Yes, 2.3. We’re not using gmail but another IMAP account. This shouldn’t make a difference though.

    We’ve experienced this on several fresh installations. email-body-sync was running properly until an IMAP account was defined for the user. That was when the job got stuck.

    If you cannot reproduce it, please give me a pointer what that job is actually doing!



    Please update on this!



    I’m having a similar problem when running ’email-body-sync’ on OroCRM v2.4.2:



    Hello, takki. We are very sorry for the late reply.
    Command oro:cron:email-body-sync just call EmailBodySynchronizer::sync() Unfortunately we can’t reproduce this issue. Maybe this issue depends on your customization or some specific email body.

    I believe there is an exception occurred during transaction commit.
    Please check your app/logs/prod.log file or error logs your webserver in /var/log and and find error which occurred immediately before 2017-12-19 08:34:22.
    Also you can investigate this exception using debugger here

    Andrew Fetisov
    Andrew Fetisov

    Hello, takki. Could you please let me know whether you are still experiencing problems with email sync?

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