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    Stepan Yudin
    Stepan Yudin

    Good day everyone! Thats my first post)
    Last two days i tried to install OroCRM on my Win7 notebook (really slow, no ssd, only 4gb ram) to begin custom bundles development.

    Pre installation check was ok, i skipped only one warning: Install COM extension.
    Web installer was not verbose enough – i saw only that “schema update” and “fixtures load” fails.

    Then i tried to install through the console (oro:install).
    I saw two types of mistakes: execution time out (Symfony component exception) and Mysql server has gone away.

    My solution was:

    • Increase values in mysql config: wait_timeout=600, max_allowed_packet = 500M
    • Install OroCRM from console with additional keys: php app/console oro:install –process-isolation –timeout=3600 –env=dev

    After about 15min the crm app was successfully installed.
    Maybe someone can find this information useful.

    P.S. After that i created VirtualBox virtual machine with Ubuntu 14.04 Server. I spent 10 minutes for installing LAMP and NodeJS. After that OroCRM was installed successfully and much faster than on Win7 physical machine. So its really better to use any VM solution like Vagrant or custom virtualbox machine.

    Docker environment for Symfony2/OroCRM/OroBAP development on Windows platform

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    Dima Soroka
    Dima Soroka

    Thanks for sharing this information. In general file system operations related with source code inclusion in execution flow are much slower on windows (especially without SSD), linux based environments are faster.

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