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    In Magento I installed the OroCRM Bridge from Magento Connect. Create a OAP/XML–RPC–Roles and a OAP/XML–RPC–User.

    When I click the add Channel Button in OroCRM, i get the error:
    “Uncaught Error: The route “orocrm_magento_soap_check” does not exist.”
    in the Chrome Console.

    First I ignore the error and to fill out the form. When I click at “Test Connection” nothing happend. Same by clicking on “Sync website list”.

    I hope you understand my problem and understand my bad english^^


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    Alexandr Smaga


    Did you see some warnings during installation? Please check that file web/js/routes.js exists and not empty. If no: please check permissions to web/js/ folder and try to run app/console fos:js-routing:dump --target web/js/routes.js



    thanks for your answer.

    During the installation there was no warning.

    The file “routes.js” exists and was not empty. The permissions of the js folder is 755.

    To try, I have renamed the file “routes.js” and run the command that you wrote.

    Now I have a new routes.js, but the same error as stated above.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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