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    I recently installed a bitnami image of orocrm v1.10 and sycned up my magento store no problem. Took about 24 hours. I actually meant to install version 2.x, not v1.10 so i deleted that server and created a new one with v2.04, again using bitnami image. The inital sync would not complete. I would maybe get through 50-60% of my order/customers and the server CPU would just be 100% and nothing would go any further.

    So, i created a new server with larger memory and CPU and setup the server myself ( did not use bitnami image) and install v2.1. I am having the same issue. This time, i let it go for a few days, and it seemed to import all of my customers, orders, and newsletter subcribers, but the processes controlled by supervisord or still pegged at 100% and the initial import is not completing. actually, more specifically, mysql is pegged at 100%, but at soon as i kill the supervisor process, mysql goes back to 0.

    I am not really a php dev, and I am completely new to symphony. I am not sure where to look, or how to fix this.


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    Mike Kudelya
    Mike Kudelya


    Can you please let me know how many processes (message queue consumers) were running when your MySQL consumed 100%?



    I have tried with 4, the recommend, and also with 1. It eventually does the same thing.

    Currently, i redid everything again, and install v2.0.6 with the recommend 5 consumers from the readme. It downloaded most of my orders within 24 hours. Its currently adding contacts right now, at about 10 per minute. mysql has been pegged for the last 36 hours, and the channel has not listed a status update in 36 hours.

    Its wierd, cause it was adding contacts while it was adding magento customers, then the contacts all of sudden stopped being added, it finished with the orders and magento customers, and is now SLOWLY adding contacts.



    This is still going…it stopped adding contacts and has added a few more entities.

    I stopped the supervisor process and ran a single consumer manually from the command line with the -vvv option..

    I see a ton of
    [debug] Properties: array (
    ‘oro.message_queue.client.topic_name’ => ‘’,
    ‘oro.message_queue.client.processor_name’ => ‘oro_search.async.message_processor.index_entities_by_id’,
    ‘oro.message_queue.client.queue_name’ => ‘oro.default’,
    [debug] Payload: ‘[{“class”:”Oro\\\\Bundle\\\\ContactBundle\\\\Entity\\\\Contact”,”id”:5715}]’
    [debug] [DoctrineClearIdentityMapExtension] Clear identity map for manager “default”
    [debug] [DoctrineClearIdentityMapExtension] Clear identity map for manager “config”
    [debug] [DoctrineClearIdentityMapExtension] Clear identity map for manager “message_queue_job”
    [debug] [DoctrineClearIdentityMapExtension] Clear identity map for manager “search”
    [info] Message processed: oro.message_queue.consumption.ack

    I am guess this has something to do with indexing and creating the contacts…

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