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    I’ve created an extension with my custom function in it.

    I’ve added it to services.yml:

    When I look if it is found by ORO/Symfony by doing “php bin/console debug:twig”, I can see my custom function appear in the list. When I try to implement it in an email template using the email template editor in OROcrm, I get the following error:

    After a while I figured I should check out what the compiler did, and noticed the getOroEmail_EmailRendererService.php file(s) did not contain my extension.

    I’ve tried manually adding them to the generated file just to see what happens, and resaving the template, which went without errors this time. Yet, when I try to send it using my notificationrules, nothing gets sent. To make sure it wasn’t just a mail server error, I updated the template with nothing but “hello”, which did arrive in my inbox this time.

    So right now I’m probably facing 2 issues, one is that Oro/Symfony doesn’t add the extension to getOroEmail_EmailRendererService.php, and the other is that even if I add it manually just for testing purposes, it still won’t send the email.

    I’ve been stuck on this issue for a few days now and it’s really doing my head in. Anyone got the solution to this problem?

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    Andrey Yatsenko
    Andrey Yatsenko

    Emails have independent twig renderer with the sandbox to disable all not required twig functions there.

    Here is an example, how to add twig extensions to email renderer:
    1) You need a compiler pass, that will add an extension to the email renderer and exclusion to email renderer security policy service:
    2) also this compiler pass should be registered to the container at the bundle class



    Thanks Andrey for pointing me in the right direction. I’ve looked at the snippets you linked and recreated my own versions of them and I see both the function and the extension being injected in their respective compiled files, I can also save the template with my function in it. Yet, when I try to send an e-mail using the template containing my function, it won’t send.

    I’ve tried adding the function with and without parameters, I tried having the function return nothing more than ‘hello’ but whatever I attempt, it still seems like the function is blocked somewhere. I don’t see any errors while running oro:message-queue:consume -v either.

    Here are my versions of the TwigSandboxConfigurationPass class and the bundle class:

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    Andrey Yatsenko
    Andrey Yatsenko

    Please check the signature of the SecurityPolicy:__construct method.

    You are adding functions, not filters as in my example.

    Arguments list index starts from zero,

    To extend the list of allowed functions you need to replace argument with index 4



    If we ever run into eachother in this lifetime, remind me to buy you a drink Andrey. Thanks for the help!

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