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    Im trying to add some custom data attributes for every TD and TR tag in my datagrid.
    I need entity id, field name and some more for my custom js plugin. I dont see any option in yaml configuration that allow this. Only row class can be set. Maybe somebody have any idea?
    I saw that all views are generated by javascript, but didnt I found any option to add attributes without overriding files. Any clues will be appreciated.

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    Hryhorii Hrebiniuk
    Hryhorii Hrebiniuk

    Hello @Dawid,

    I’m afraid that there’s no other way, than overriding files.

    Backgrid library, that we use, does not provide the ability to define custom attributes for TD and TR. See http://backgridjs.com/ref/cell.html and http://backgridjs.com/ref/row.html

    But it is easy to overload modules and define required logic.

      configure modules map in your requirejs.yml file

      develop extend for Backgrid.Cell (mybundle/js/extend/backgrid)

      develop extend for Backgrid.Row (mybundle/js/extend/backgrid-row)

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