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    Does OroCRM/OroBAP have any (or any plans for) code generation w/r/t to `AbstractEntityFlexible` model entities? Or is it the client programmer’s responsibility to create individual entity class definitions for the main entity (Contact), the values entity (ContactValue), correctly configure the custom backend options and relations properties, ensure there are proper fixtures setup to populate the needed values in `oro_flexibleentity_attribute`, and take any other steps needed to setup a flexible entity.

    Apologies if these are obvious questions — I haven’t worked in a team environment with Doctrine 2 before, so I’m fuzzy on expectations.

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    Dima Soroka
    Dima Soroka

    Alan, thanks for a good question.

    We investing a lot in entities flexibility as it is one of key features for the platform and CRM. Currently we are working on very powerful addition to doctrine that will allow entity and entity fields metadata management so administrator will be able to create new entities, add additional fields to system ones and change a configuration of system entities. Also this feature will simplify a lot flexible entity creation.

    This functionality will be available for preview till the end of this month, we are very interested in feedback on it.

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