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    Joshua B

    I have a Laravel 4 + AngularJS project that I am looking to integrate a CRM with. The app already has an interface, so my goal is to call on the functionality of Oro in the background on as as needed basis then send the resulting data to the existing interface.

    Has anyone tried integrating Oro with Laravel or any other frameworks? If so, what kind of issues should I look out for when doing the integration?

    Any other input on this idea would be greatly appreciated!

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    Alexandr Smaga


    Oro supports two types of APIs out of the box. Main entities are covered on about 70%. So, you just have to choose between SOAP and REST.

    Also keep in mind that if you will need some additional APIs you can easily develop your own extension or change existing API interfaces and submit pull request.

    If you will have any issue feel free to highlight them here or on github’s issues page.

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