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    Alexandre Bacco


    Is there a documentation or whatever to ease the integration of OroCRM with other eCommerce solution than Magento? I see there is a huge MagentoBundle, but it seems to do much more than just import of data. What needs to be done to implement another ecommerce solution?

    Thanks for any tip.

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    Alexandr Smaga


    Channel/connector creation is described here. Just a small tip on integation design: there is following chain of responsibilities:

      Sync started in console command oro:cron:channels:sync
      Command asks sync processor to prepare import job and execute it
      Batch bundle runs an import job based on configuration files described there
      Step executor uses reader(connector in words of OroIntegrationBundle) and writer (that you configured in job configuration) to do import
      If you define serializers, import strategies, data converters(described here) then they will be executed on item after read and before write

    Hope my explanation is clear and will help you!

    P.S. AFAIK some guys from our community are in progress with ebay integration.


    Alexandre Bacco

    Thanks for your feedback. I’m thinking of integrating Sylius.

    So what is the point of the bug MagentoBundle? Is it only defining some B2C workflows, etc.? If so, shouldn’t it be an ECommerceBundle as it’s not really Magento-specific?

    It seems that I need to redefine each models like Cart, Order, etc. Is there a mean to factorize it with the models already existing in the MagentoBundle? Currently, what if I have 2 ecommerce sources, can I get all order in the same place in the CRM?

    Thanks again for your lights.


    Alexandr Smaga

    Not sure that your point is clear for me.

    Did you see this post? There described main goals of integration and business entities bundles.
    In magento bundle is used entities from OroBusinessEntityBundle and extends them


    Alexandre Bacco

    Thanks for your link it’s a bit better. But my point is still here, and it’s that MagentoBundle includes:
    * Ecommerce entities such as Cart (adding billing&shipping addresses, items count, etc.), Order, etc. Most of what is defined is not Magento-specific but generic
    * A controller for the dashboard chart mySalesFlowB2CAction which is again not Magento specific
    * I can’t see where it is defined, but the B2C workflow appears only when you have a Magento channel

    All of this should be available without any Magento bundle/store/channel defined.

    So how can I do to leverage all this without rewrite it in a SyliusBundle? Is there a plan to extract what is not Magento specific into a Orocrm\EcommerceBundle?


    Paul Clarkin

    Alexandre, did you make any progress on this (2 years ago!) I want to do the same – integrate a custom eCommerce solution, using the features you mention, without Magento.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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