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    Leandro Banchio


    I’m playing with OroCrm. I am currently trying to create a new contact with the name and email. Unfortunately I was unable to create the correct request.

    This is the body of the request

    Request URL

    Request body

    Error :(

    I tried many things but I can’t find the solution

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    Vova Soroka

    Hi Leandro,

    Unfortunately “included” section in POST requests is supported only since version 2.0. In previous version you have to use 2 POST requests, one to create a contact email, and another to create a contact.

    Since version 2.0 you can do the same via one POST request using “included” section. But take into account that contact emails are not a relationship. It is an attribute. So, the POST request for v. 2.0 will be:


    Leandro Banchio

    It works. Thanks for the advice!

    I created the entities using two requests.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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