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    I want to duplicate the relationship between Calendar event attendees and Calendar event context/Activities. I have created an association between Calendar Events and Oro User.

    For example, if I have added user (admin) to the an event (lunch @ noon). I want automatically, add a matching association between admin and lunch@noon. The reason is I want user admin see this event (lunch @ noon) in its activity display.

    Of course, if an attendee is deleted from the event, I want the association be deleted too.

    This is what I have done so far. Please tell me is there is a better way of doing it. Should I use EventListener instead? But how do I know the changes to the attendee list?

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    I have created this event listener. But activities was not added! What went wrong?

    Should I add ?



    I solved it. I have placed my logic in CalendarEventHandler.

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