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    Добрый день!

    Установил OROCRM из коробки и столкнулся с тем что строки в Systems->Channel и Systems->Integration не возможно отредактировать, в DataGrid’e нет кнопок “Update”, “Delete”, а при клике непосредственно по строке – переход в форму редактирования не происходит.
    В форму редактирования можно попасть если перейти по url’ам /integration/update/1 и /channel/update/1 и где доступно свободное сохранение изменений.

    Подскажите с чем это связано, и как настроить кнопки Update, Delete в DataGrid?

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    Hi, fduch.

    Please, provide more information about version of OroCRM that you use. See https://oroinc.com/orocrm/forums/topic/please-read-before-start-a-topic-with-technical-question. Can you please give list of items that you want to edit or delete? How that items were created? By demo data or by user?

    On the last released version of OroCRM 2.3 I have Edit button. Delete button can be hidden for some Channels or Integrations be some reason in business logic.



    Hi, msulima!

    Application related information:
    Application Type: OroCRM
    Application Version: 2.0.0-beta.1
    Application Edition: Community
    2. Environment related information:
    OS, name and version: Ubuntu 16.04.1
    Web server, name and version: nginx/1.12.1
    Database, name and version: MySQL 5.7.19-0
    PHP, version: 7.0.22-0

    Items created by demo.
    I created my own records, the result is the same.

    it turns out, to begin with, I better upgrade ORO!? :)




    I have installed

    oro/redis-config 2.0.0-beta.1 MIT
    oro/doctrine-extensions 1.1.2 MIT
    oro/crm-task-bundle 2.3.1 OSL-3.0
    oro/crm-call-bundle 2.3.1 OSL-3.0
    oro/calendar-bundle 2.3.1 OSL-3.0
    oro/crm 2.3.4 OSL-3.0
    oro/crm-mail-chimp 2.3.1 OSL-3.0
    oro/crm-abandoned-cart 2.3.0 OSL-3.0
    oro/crm-dotmailer 2.3.2 OSL-3.0
    oro/crm-hangouts-call-bundle 2.3.0 OSL-3.0
    oro/crm-magento-embedded-contact-us 2.3.0 OSL-3.0
    oro/crm-zendesk 2.3.2 OSL-3.0
    oro/platform-serialised-fields 2.3.0 OSL-3.0
    oro/platform 2.3.6 MIT
    oro/marketing 2.3.3 OSL-3.0

    the problem is present

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