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    Hello. I have the issue with relationships.

    i understand what is going, but cant understand where and why its can be fixed. Is somebody from develop team can explain me why its happens and where i can find the reasons?

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    Hi, swaroge.
    Thanks for reporting.

    It’s hard to say where exactly the problem is based only on log output.
    This problem can be caused when entity is restored from some storage (e.g. cache) bypassing unit of work or detached from entity manager.

    In this case you need to debug consumer processing this message.
    If you have stable steps to reproduce this issue, please share them so we could reproduce the bug and investigate it.



    Hello thx for the reply.
    I have error “Synchronizer can’t connect to server. Please contact your Administrator”. As i found its happens on imap sync action. Im using the supervisor for the oro:message-queue:consume.

    Logs form the supervisor

    Logs form the app/logs/prod.log

    Chrome console error
    WebSocket connection to ‘ws://’ failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT



    Hi, according to the log message there’s a problem with contacts’ import.
    We have checked this scenario and everything works fine.
    Have you run a validation before import?
    Or maybe you could provider a sample of import file which causes this error?



    The customer using same file for the import in Contacts and in Accounts with one custom field “Contact_Name”. I was validate this file and have errors.
    Error in row #1. Not found entity “Account”
    Error in row #2. Not found entity “Account”
    Here you can find the fake csv file

    Another thing.
    I was create the template for import on Contact page and after try to validate this template and have an errors.
    Error in row #1. Not found entity “Account”
    Error in row #1. Not found entity “Account”
    Error in row #1. Not found entity “Account”
    Here you can find the csv template

    on both cases all data imported successfully.

    The questions
    1. Is using same csv for the different entities (Accounts and Contact) can crash the consumer?
    2. Is its can affect to an imap-sync task?
    3. Is i can use same csv for the import data to the different entities (Accounts and Contacts)

    Thank you!


    just checked your files on last master of Oro application. And I have no problem with both of your files.

    1. you can use one file for both imports, but this file should have all required fields and data for that fields should be correct for both imports.
    2. if you have no customization in your version of Oro application there are should no problems with importing Accounts or Contact while imap-sync in progress (if you have some issues with that, please report full list of steps to reproduce and we will fix that problems)
    3. see answer #1

    Feel free to ask in case if you have additional question.



    Hello …

    I’m facing the same issue @msulima related this post the message-queue broken with similiar message, First of all I imported Contact CSV. And got an error related oro inactive mail sync … and show the error below ::

    Please give some advices about this issue how to fix it … Thanks

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