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    I’ve been lurking around OROCRM for a while, I’m hoping to hear from business users or a non-technical admin. Some questions to get the ball rolling:

    • What’s been your experience?
    • What is deployment like?
    • How well does this platform plug into your other systems?
    • How about ‘sale person’ user experience?
    • Or, any thoughts at all…
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    Jary Carter
    Jary Carter

    Hi There!
    I hope my response doesn’t stifle other posts as I am eager to hear what people have to say. Given I am a business user of OroCRM, full disclosure I am also the CEO, I use the product as our internal CRM I will try to answer a couple of your questions from a business user point of view, while also giving a flavor of the roadmap …

    What’s been your experience?
    Our instance has been on Beta1 so it has been a little feature light, but has everything we need to manage contacts/leads/opportunities/accounts. I am really looking forward to more robust reporting and dashboards which we will be releasing soon, as well as being able to set Tasks and Notes. Logging a call just came out in Beta5 which is a nice feature. That said, we have had everything we have needed to manage our B2B sales flow.

    How about ‘sale person’ user experience?
    The Sales Person user experience has been really good. If you have a comfort with other standard CRM systems you will find OroCRM very intuitive and easy to navigate with no learning curve. Even if you are completely new to CRM our UI is intuitive. Managing leads and opportunities is easy to do and promoting leads to opportunities and managing the overall sales workflow is very simple as well.

    Or, any thoughts at all…
    We hope you try it out and provide feedback. Over the next 30-60 days we will be adding many of the B2C features the system has been promising. These are things like Magento integration, B2C workflow, and Commerce Reports/Dashboards. If you are an ecommerce merchant you may consider waiting until then for a full implementation. If you are looking for a solid B2B CRM, we are well on the way.

    Thanks again!



    Hi Jary- Thanks for the feedback. I’m advising a client who’s 30 to 45 days out from a Magento re-platforming launch. We hope to tackle CRM in the first half of 2014. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on things.

    Anyone else out there?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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