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Forums OroCRM How to add text to the beginning of the line about the work of the consumer?

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    Hi everyone,

    The full title does not fit into the restrictions:

    How to add text to the beginning of the line about the work of the consumer (display information in the console)?

    I was faced with a situation where I need to add a specific text to the beginning of each report, for example, a “test”. (logging and console display – logging)

    I met an interesting article, but there is another file that I need. I need to change the file a bit – Logger.php . If I understand correctly, there is a link to the file – JsonFormatter. (article –

    He suits me, and I don’t need to change this. I need only Logger.php, which is one or two hierarchies higher. (if I am not mistaken – vendor/monolog/monolog/src/Monolog/Logger.php)

    If you look at “vendor”, then I know that I need to add text, for example, in the variable “level” (level is such a multicolored text that determines the importance of the message)

    But if you know, advise how to correctly redefine to offend Logger.php

    Any advice or suggestion will be important.

    Thank you.

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