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  • in reply to: Bug : On All Payment Method that receives some inputs #37331


    Guess I found the technical reason for this bug

    Hence I change the following code for my payment method as follows

    Now some one please confirm my buy report as well as bug fix is technically correct.

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    Right! So even if the code is separated into a package say OrderPackage & it includes OrderBundle, CheckOutBundle, PaymentTermBundle even then this package is not independent. It becomes dependent on ProductBundle.

    If the OrderPackage has to be made truly independent then there is a need to bring the change in codes as well.
    – Will it not distribute the current stability of the code as well?
    – Will it not need force Oro Team to push update into different packages?

    I think the true isolation between the modules/bundles can be bought by infusing isolation thinking among the developer. Making adjustment to the current codes that enforce it & ease the development.

    As stated, the ROI of such efforts is that one can address business problems of other industry just by including these independent bundles & customizing them as per the need.


    Hey Dima,

    I am definitely interested to split few of the OroCommerce features into dedicated packages. However what I am afraid of is that even if I split them they define the dependency on other packages. Hence the end user will ultimately end up installing all the packages

    For example: Let’s say I will split Order Bundle, Payment Terms Bundle, Checkout Bundle into separate packages. But By code Order Bundle has a dependency/refer few functions in Product Bundle which in turn, has dependency/refer few functions to in PriceList Bundle & Tax Bundle.

    With that, my goal is not achieved at all. Kindly correct me if I am wrong.

    in reply to: Product API not returning product name & description #33122


    Hi Andrey,

    We are using OroCommerce 1.1.0

    The output of the command is below


    Hi Yurii,

    Thanks for your time.

    We are using OroCommerce 1.1.0.

    We can’t upgrade to higher version as we have made a lot of changes to other modules of OroCommerce.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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