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    1. Yes, we sure
    2. Yes, we sure
    3. General problem is that we get urls like “/product/view/N”, but expect to have “/products/product-name-slug”. I found some reason this situation, we use oro commerce 1.3.9:
    3a) Url slug cach (generated by consumer jobs) is stored on filestystem according to settings in service oro_redirect.slug_url.cache.persistent. If we delete cache /var/www/app/cache/* we lost all slug cache. How to regenerate slug cache after clear cache?
    3b) Second problem is related to matching routing and parameters with cache slug information. I noticed that if we want to generate link and pass some parameter which is string numeric (product_id:”3″), Storage cache can not find slug and give us /product/view/N. When we pass numeric value we give correct slug url. This is strange and i suppose it’s bug (i will try to give more information about it soon).

    in reply to: Extend core entities #31644


    I have another problem which is related to extended fields. I want to use extended field (vat) in registration form. If I add new field in form (in this example changed class in vendor, vendor/oro/customer-portal/src/Oro/Bundle/CustomerBundle/Form/Type/FrontendCustomerUserRegistrationType.php), bellow exception will be raised durring generation form:

    Neither the property “vat” nor one of the methods “getVat()”, “vat()”, “isVat()”, “hasVat()”, “__get()” exist and have public access in class “Oro\Bundle\CustomerBundle\Entity\CustomerUser”.

    Object form model is vendor/oro/customer-portal/src/Oro/Bundle/CustomerBundle/Entity/CustomerUser.php which know anything about field vat.

    How to add new field in customer registration form? Is it possible if we use extended fields?

    Thanks for help!

    in reply to: Performance with 100k products #31570


    Thanks Michael,

    I understand that you have done tests only in the enterprise edition, but is it possible to achieve response time bellow 3 seconds in community edition for 100k products in search on frontend? Have you tried this? What machine had you used?

    in reply to: Price list rules #31498


    Hi Dimitry,

    You are right! “Each” was not supported unit for my product. I didin’t notice.

    However Would be nice to have some logs or something. Where can i find some logs about price generation? Should I up verbosity somewhere?


    in reply to: Price list rules #31496


    First of all I would like to thanks for previous answer!

    I have a problem with generate auto prices. I will describe what have I done:

    1) I created price list A with:
    rule: product.sku==”1GS46″
    Price for quantity: 1 each $
    Calculate as: 100
    2) I assigned price list A to product P1 group or even customer C1.
    3) I know (because tested) that normal price list working OK (when I add price to product). Price is changing on frontend.
    4) I executed “Recalculate” on price list A
    5) I executed “app/console oro:price-lists:recalculate –all”

    Price doesn’t change on frontend. Price is always taking from default price list. There isn’t price for product P1 on price list details on backend. I saw that there is column “Type”. I suppose that generated prices will have type “Auto”.

    What am I doing wrong?

    in reply to: Defining Product Options #31397


    Great! It is working, We are waiting for documentation… :)

    in reply to: Defining Product Options #31395



    In reference to above question. How does product variant work? It could be answer for prices for options. I suppose that there is bug or I dont understand configurable products in Oro:

    – Created select attribute (color: red, yellow, …).
    – Created configurable product.
    – In “Variant Fields” selected “color”.
    – Saved product and see empty product variants grid.

    How to add variants? How to define price for variant?

    best regards,

    in reply to: how to assign products under category #31355


    I suppose that problem is related to disabled queue procesor. You have to run clank:server and oro:message-queue:consume according to OroCommerce install.

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