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  • in reply to: How to limit the amounts of products to show in Product Bundle #40592

    Valerii Yustyniuk

    Hi, Estefa!
    You should update width of slider items using scss match to amount of items.
    It is might be easy just rewrite that variable in your own theme.

    Styles for slider located here:

    Valerii Yustyniuk

    Hi, Shahriar

    Try to add to you own datagrid productsbybrand.yml imports section with oro_product_grid.
    It might looks like something like that:

    As an example you could see on layout update of previously purchased products.

    in reply to: Updating Font Awesome #38965

    Valerii Yustyniuk

    At current time development team does not know each cases witch might block you to use last version
    on Font Awesome. We might propose some advice.

    • Do not using Font Awesome 4 and 5 side-by-side on a project.
    • For backward compatibility with v4 you might use v4-shims.css. It is allow you to keep your old version 4 icon names.
    • In case using CSS pseudo elements and scss mixin fa-icon with version 4, upgrading to version 5 requires a fair amount of manual work.

    Example with using CSS pseudo elements:

    In Font Awesome version 4

    In Font Awesome version 5.8

    Example with using fa-icon:

    In Font Awesome version 4

    In Font Awesome version 5.8
    Should find new correct name in table

    You may find more information in official site.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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